Your Yoga Journey

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Why yoga? Do you really get it?

We all practice yoga for different reasons. What is yours?
We set intention at yoga classes for what we want out of it. Most also set intention of why they even practice yoga to begin with. The “why’s” can be anything – to reduce stress, lose weight, get fit and flexible physically, be free from all muscular or joint aches and pains, find ease in movement and life. For some of the more evolved ones, the “why’s” are spiritual, they are bigger than ourselves – finding or refining life purpose and pursuing dharma.

What is your BIG WHY behind the why’s?
Why do you need to be stress free? Why is it important to you to be fit and pain free? Why being fat is no longer acceptable to you? What is the big deal of living a life on purpose?
Some answers are straight forward to some of us, and some may be a very slow process to figure out.

How are you doing with that?
Whatever your reasons are on this yoga journey, are you on track? Are you cruising along nicely or are you stumbling all over the place? Do you have certain expectation because you have the seeming understanding of what yoga practice is supposed to be via media or Internet or even yoga fashion trend?

Some people get discouraged if they cannot do the poses illustrated on yoga magazine. Some may replace their functional movements (i.e. walking, house chores, biking and any other activities that require movement) with intense and hard yoga asana on the mat. Perhaps you have been told to practice a certain way or you are simply chasing what is out there without considering your own needs.

Listen to your body, follow your intuition, get curious and explore to find your own integrity.

If you have already found your own rhythm, awesome! How do you then deepened your practice?

If you have hit a plateau, why?
May be it is the ever-increasing size of your spare tire that is keeping you from progressing physically, like you couldn’t do a proper twist that helps release pressure in the lower back by restoring circulation, increasing flexibility and correcting posture. These postures rejuvenate the spinal column and improve range of motion.

Extra fat on your body is also the cause of inflammation that led to aches and pains in your joints and muscles, hindering you from practicing the asanas that you so desire.

Some of you might enjoy the intense asanas too much that you injured yourself while the others might get too comfortable with yin and restorative types. If you understand Spanda (pulsation of two opposite poles), you would definitely want to balance out your yoga practice so that you don’t aggravate your dosha (body constitution) which leads to your overall health imbalance. This pulsation generates an easeful reality in the moment. A nice side benefit is that this perspective slows the aging process through accelerating cellular connection and regeneration.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed with work and/or life and you have no time and/or energy to care for yourself.

You are frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to tame your monkey mind, no matter how hard you have tried. .

Or simply blame your yoga teacher/s for not guiding you to the next level 🙂

It is time to get serious and find out why you are stuck because you only have one body.

What can you learn from the ancient yogis? What was their lifestyle? What kind of habits they adhered to?

They had earlier, lighter dinner by 6 P.M. and mostly healthy plant-based diet with proper fasting time (meal spacing) that allows the body to metabolize fat.

They did light activities and relaxed after dinner because this Kapha time between 6 and 10 P.M. is crucial in building up the immune system as it goes through refinement to produce Ojas (the vital energy that gives life to the cells in the body).

They went to bed early by 10 P.M. and woke up before 6 A.M. to catch the divine time (Brahma muhurta) for meditation. If your meditation practice is going nowhere, this is the BIG reason.

So, how bad you want to pursue your BIG WHY?

How important it is for you to keep your vision aligned with your yoga practice? How do you allow the You 2.0 to pull you forward from where you are?

Is there a right time to seek help if you want to up-level your body and your life?

How did the ancient yogis do it? Is there anything you can learn from them that is practical and relevant to today’s environment? What was their lifestyle and habits that prepared them to meditate in stillness for an extended period of time to achieve enlightenment and radiant longevity?

Only you can figure out YOU!

Curious about my yoga journey?