What’s More Important? Spring Cleaning For Your Body Or Your Home?


It’s the Tradition

You know it’s spring time when every household starts to do some sort of house cleaning. It’s time to air out your house that has been shut tight the entire winter, possibly filled with chemicals, gases, harmful substances and dust from the carpet or simply stale air.  Imagine if you didn’t bother to open the windows to circulate the air as the opportunity presents itself in the warmer days of spring. Imagine you live in the house that was never ventilated with fresh air, chances are you might be infected with respiratory disorders or allergy symptoms.

Ayurveda’s take on Spring Cleaning

What about the human body?  We will look at how we can clean house for our body and reset to its optimum condition according to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga.

Ugh… the Toxin!

During the long cold winter months, which is the vata time (air and ether), we tend to eat heavier food and store more fat in our body. Unfortunately, this will create the build-up of ama, it’s the gooey toxin in our gut due to incomplete digestion.  According to the 6 stages of disease in Ayurveda, accumulation of toxin (ama) is the very initial stage and it shows up as discomfort in colon, small intestine or stomach depending on your body constitution (dosha).

Do the Opposite – Get Light

Spring is kapha (water and earth) time. Unlike summer which is pitta (fire and water) time, the characteristics of kapha is dense, heavy and our digestive fire (agni) is the weakest during this time. You guessed it, our digestion is the strongest in summer.

Things to do to give your Body a Spring Cleaning and a Boost

  • Eat lighter, lots of greens, lightly cooked warm vegetables
  • Eat more warm food than cold if your digestion is weak, i.e. discomfort after eating
  • Do a body detox to reset your body.  There are many ways of detoxing, from salt water flush, green juice or living food fast, Kitchari mono diet to ghee oleation, which is like oil pulling for the entire body.
  • Add ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cumin, coriander to your diet.  These spices are detoxifying and help to fire up your digestion.
  • Since spring is kapha season, it’s the easiest time to crank up your exercise.  Work harder, sweat harder to get the toxin out through your skin.
  • If you have allergies or sinus issues, do neti pot and drink hot tea made of ginger, lemon, cayenne and raw honey.  This will help clear your mucus.

How do you want to Feel?

If you find this helpful, great!  Because that’s why I do what I do.  I help people to look good, feel great and be who they want in their lives.  If there is an even a slight inclination that you believe Ayurveda may be the missing link in giving you better energy, stronger body and stress-free life, have a chat with me, as you might be right!