Intermittent Fasting Online Program


Here’s the truth about getting in shape: restricted diets and practically living in the gym 7 days a week is the WORST way to get in shape and I can prove it!

My ultra-busy clients go from struggling with self-image to rockstar confidence, without having to tally the meal points or eating the pre-packaged food.

Sure, everyone says that it’s all about learning the latest fad, calories in and calories out, no carb, high fat… and that might even work for some.

But my method focuses on the fundamentals of aligning to the rhythm of nature and making small sustainable improvement changes so that they have a fit body, more balanced energy, confidence to rock the boardroom and the bedroom and be a role model to their children.

This is the best investment you can make for your health.  Join the like-minded community and learn the RIGHT way to eat based on Ayurveda, yoga and behavior science behind the habit change.