The best reward for my work is witnessing my clients achieve their health goals...

"The stress and anxiety that I had before coming into the program were affecting my waistline, my sleep, my time spent with my two children and my husband.

After a few months in, the fat on my waistline started to melt away,  I had more energy, I felt calmer and my husband said I’ve become nicer to him :-).

Now after practicing the habits for about a year, I can honestly say for the first time in my life that I feel ease and flow that comes from within.  I love this feeling of being content and happy.

When developing new habits you need a simple step-by-step guidance, not whole bunch of information to make you feel overwhelmed.

The mindset coaching and support have helped me continue to persevere. Khim has guided me towards my vibrant self.

It is not easy to find like-minded community who get it and sincerely want you to succeed in your new identity.  Even family or close friends might be entrenched in the habitual lifestyle and not see change being important, or believe it is possible.

This is why you need to be clear of what stress has cost you and how it will affect your health and the lives of your loved ones if you don’t take a stand for it now and find solution for yourself."

~ Marina Morgenshtern

"I feel 30% INCREASE OF ENERGY that is calmer, not hyper AND  I have lost 10 lbs. in 3 months!  It's easier than I thought given my crazy schedule."

~ Sharon McCarthy

"That's an INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF that has reduced my anxiety and will keep on improving my life everyday."

~ Olga Barone

"The program provides a holistic approach based on Ayurveda and yoga with a modern twist that has helped reduce my migraine and stress while having a busy work and family life."

~ Christine McKenna

"The DYNAMIC GROUP gives me accountability and courage to change."

~ Seetha Gojer