Lead Yourself Into Feeling Vibrantly Alive

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It has been just over two weeks since the Leadership retreat completed with the 34 fellow Health Coaches in this little surf town called Punta Mita of Mexico.  I was totally blown away by the dedication of these amazing women on how they serve their communities by helping people to learn, work and live healthy habits, and eventually to be in vibrant health.  I am so proud to be one of them and I am more inspired than ever to be the leader to influence those around me to embrace healthy and easeful living.

I have been leading a few small groups of busy, high-achieving women at my local yoga studio in my signature habit changing course for healthy living – VIBRANT HEALTH – which is based on Yogahealer’s Body Thrive.  My course members are the giving mothers, obligated daughters, loving spouses, responsible employees or hard-working entrepreneurs. They lead very busy lives with ever-growing list of commitments and challenges. Yes, and they know what it means to be vibrantly alive and therefore they are fully invested to get there [read about their mind-blowing outcomes here].

Whose Fault is it if You Weren’t Healthy?

It is obvious everybody wants to be healthy.  The level of health you desire may be different from your friend’s.  Perhaps you want to eat healthier, exercise more, sleep better or meditate daily.  You even know how to do all the above but you just don’t do it as your mind is very smart to come up with many reasons why you don’t.

What’s costing you if you allow these reasons to stand in your way?

Who do you blame when things don’t work out?  Your family, your boss, your government or the universe?

Excuse, Procrastination or Self-Limiting belief.  What’s Holding you Back?

Where else in your life do you have the same attitude? You may think you only apply “valid” reasons toward certain goals.  Think again. How do you treat yourself, your loved ones, your work and the people around you? Do you have specific goals in those areas that you want to achieve?  Do you have attitude integrity with all of them? Do you see some of the reasons may start to look more like excuses?


I must admit I’m the expert in making up “good” excuses in areas of my life that I needed to change not too long ago: “I have no time for daily meditation”, “I don’t know how to lose weight and maintain it”, “I’m not good enough to help people get healthy” and the list goes on.

When I looked deeper into those excuses, they were nothing more than my ways of self-sabotaging:

  1. I was disconnected with my heart, I felt alone, unsupportive, isolated, unsafe, no one could understand me, I played victim and so I shut down.
  2. I was judgemental towards myself and others.  I either felt superior or inferior compared to others. My perfectionism was actually my ego acting out as I was afraid of failure.
  3. I only talked or planned and didn’t take action.  I lack discipline and refused to seek help.

That was me then.

Take Action to Change

I have since learned to reach out to the right people and ask for help.  I have become less critical of myself and others, find connection with others (humility) rather than judging.  I surround myself with like-minded people who share common values. I organize my time and energy to serve my intention, take tiny steps everyday and fully invest in time, effort and money because I am damn serious about my goals.  

Yes.  I now meditate daily.  

Yes.  I am fit, strong and feeling the best ever under my own skin.

Yes.  I’m currently helping busy, high-achieving women to transform their out-of-control lives into being in-control.

How would you Choose to Lead your Life?

If you are currently facing resistance, fear or any reason that prevents you from leading your desired life, please do not look away or fight it.  Instead, I invite you to embrace the darkness, lean in and listen to the voice inside you, explore the possibility that awaits you on the other side.

We are all leaders.  How you choose to lead your life is up to you.  What do you want in this phase of your life? Do you know how to get there?  What help or resources do you need?

Reach out and take action today.  Life is too short to be whining and waiting for things to happen.  Change is a sign of life.  What is the one baby step you choose to take that makes your life worth living?