Really? Intermittent Fasting?

KhimIntermittent Fasting, Weight Loss

Wow! I’m at awe. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. I will do my very best to truly describe what happened yesterday.

I was introduced to intermittent fasting by my coach a few months ago when she decided to up-level her physical health, to lose the very last few pounds of fat and to gain more lean muscles. I was in the midst of my 3.5-month travel at the time and therefore didn’t do anything about this new knowledge.

As I returned home from the travel, it is only fair to say the least that I had gained extra spare tire on my waist! My yoga clothing had kind of “shrunk” and I felt quite uncomfortable staring at myself in the mirror with that bulging belly and waist. “Ugh… What disgusting shape?” was what went through my mind. I didn’t look good, definitely didn’t feel great, and was absolutely distracted and disconnected from my true self.

With my strong intention of “Look good. Feel great. Be you.”, I quickly took action – detox and diet. Intermittent fasting came to mind and I decided to jump in with both feet. Weight started to come off after a week, then more and more and more…

Yes. I have definitely noticed, so have some of the people around me, especially my husband, that I have lost weight. Needless to say jumping on the scale everyday has become an exciting thing to me 🙂

So what actually happened yesterday?

I had to go to courthouse yesterday morning for discovery examination on a car accident that happened 3 years ago. It has been a long time since I had to dress up in a more formal way, as my attire almost entirely consists of yoga tops and yoga pants being a yoga teacher.

Like you, I have a couple of these basic black dress pants. So I picked the pair that was at least 2 years old to put on. OMG! I could literally put both my hands in there! They are so BIG that even a belt couldn’t make them look fit. Guess it was a good problem. Then with an extremely skeptical mind, I put on another pair (which I couldn’t part with each time I purged my closet) and they fit so beautifully that my jaw dropped.

I remember vividly when and where I actually bought these pants. It was during the early success of my corporate life in the 90’s. I bought them at Toronto downtown Holts. I am telling you the details not because I want to emphasize on my success or the Holts. I simply want you to feel what I felt to put on the pants from 20 years ago and how I was blown away beyond my wildest imagination.

I know I have lost weight with intermittent fasting. I have tried different types of diet in the past and managed to shed the extra pounds. One of the programs I tried a few years ago was low Glycemic Index diet – with very strict low GI food choices and supplements, I did lose some weight but wasn’t as “significant” compared to this time simply because the muffin top crept back as soon as I stopped the supplements and slipped from the restricted GI diet.

I am sharing my excitement and joy with you because INTERMITTENT FASTING ROCKS! Not only have I lost the spare tire that I acquired during my travel, I have regained the younger body of my 30’s. How cool is that?

It has been almost 3 months since I started intermittent fasting. As I continue my journey with intermittent fasting along with all the healthy habits from the ancient yogis, I am excited and curious to see what is going to unfold next…