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  • What's Next?

    Get clarity on what body you want in the next phase of your life.

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    Know the gap between your current reality and what you actually want.

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    Learn how you can get there without feeling alone, helpless and defeated like what you have experienced in the past.

Free yoga and ayurveda session

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Free yoga and ayurveda session

What’s Like Talking to Khim

“My conversation with Khim was such a positive experience. Khim is an excellent listener and offers wise and thoughtful feedback. She was not judgemental, in fact she easily related to the challenges I was facing. She explained the program in a very clear way and what appealed to me most was the approach of making small improvements over time, experiencing positive benefits and problem solving any challenges. Challenges are not failures. I decided to sign up for Vibrant Health, but at no time did I feel Khim was trying to “sell” me anything.”
~ Doelle Greenberg

“Khim is a wealth of knowledge in dealing with yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle. She is very open, honest and she speaks from the heart. She asked some provoking questions that made me get clear on my health goals and hence decided to join Vibrant Health.”
~ Ross Simone

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  • You want to have more energy
  • You want to move from stressful to easeful living
  • You can feel your deep desire of becoming a better version of yourself
  • You are open to learn new skills and habits that enhance your wellbeing

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Is This You Now?

  • Uncomfortable with your self-image.
  • Limited mobility due to acnes and pains of physical body.
  • Lack of quality of life due to health conditions.
  • Overwhelmed and stressed out with work, family, study, financial and relationships.
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