When Buying New (Smaller) Clothes Becomes A Necessity

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What is the Big Fuss over Buying New Clothes?

I am so thrilled!  I have just recently completed my habit changing signature course – Vibrant Health, with a group of amazing ladies and the results have blown away their minds and mine, too.  The constant complaints have been having to buy new clothes, everything is too big to fit now.  Would you rather have this problem?

What Actually Happened?

 The outcomes have exceeded their expectation.  These are their experiences within three months: lost 4 to 10 lbs, increase of energy up to 40%, eating much healthier, feeling leaner and fitter, meditating more, sleeping better, developing better self-care habits, less overwhelmed and able to handle stress better.

How Did These Ladies Transform?

From having heavy dinner at 10 pm to lighter dinner at 6 pm, from being a midnight owl to an early bird, from constipated to a pooping champion, from constant snacking to intermittent fasting, from hyper caffeinated energy to calmer rested energy, from shy to speaking the mind, from stressful living to easeful living and most important of all, from feeling good to feeling GREAT!

You Too?

These are smart and high-achieving women, including stay-at-home moms, who were constantly exhausted trying to do everything all the time, for everyone.  Daily self-care routine is unheard of and preparing simple healthy meals can be a challenge.  But as we wrapped up the program, everyone was excited sharing the breakthroughs of creating self-massage routine that they can’t live without now, and from “I don’t cook, I only do take out.” to yummy nutritious home cooking.

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From Investment to Dynamic Group to Empowerment

Wow!  I cannot tell you how pleased and blessed I am having the opportunity to work with this dynamic group of engaging women.  They acknowledged their problems and sought help because they knew if they didn’t, the cost of not making the change would have adversely affected their lives in terms of physical, energetical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual.  They showed up 100% with their desired outcome.  And now, with the investment of time, money and effort, they are armed with the right knowledge and empowerment to choose who they want to become in the next phase of their lives.  

Real Experiences from Real People

“I feel 30% increase of energy that is calmer, not hyper AND I’ve lost 10 lbs. in 3 months!” ~ Sharon McCarthy

“That’s an investment in yourself that will improve your life everyday .” ~ Olga Barone

“The dynamic group will bring you out of your shell.” ~ Seetha Gojer

“The course is not just a diet course – it is a full body/mind approach to living better.” ~ Christine McKenna

“I’ve lost so much weight and I feel great!” ~ Angelika Bekman

“When developing new habits you need support to continue persevere. You want to find a crowd or a person who cares about your progress and success. It is not easy to find like-minded people who get it and sincerely want you to succeed in your new 2.0 even when family or close friends might be entrenched in the habitual lifestyle and not see change being important, or not believe it is possible. This is why dynamic group is so much more important in a program like this.” ~ Marina Morgenshtern

Care to Join the Fun and Excitement?

I am excited because I am so very passionate about Vibrant Health.  It is an evolutionary course on habit change with proven results all around the world.  I can’t wait to see how these lovely ladies are evolving next because I am evolving with them, we are all in it together.  How exciting is that?