Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
They are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less.




Why the Logo? You Ask

When I decided to jump in with both feet in my yoga health coaching venture, I wanted a logo that reflects who I am, what I do and why I do it.

I went through lots of ideas and designs with the ultimate Google research assistant.  Then it hit me one day, they were not my ideas nor designs and they couldn’t possibly represent me in the most authentic way.

So instead of looking out for the right logo, I started to look within for inspiration.

Butterfly is a symbol of transformation

Butterflies go through different life cycles known as metamorphosis, from egg, caterpillar, pupa and finally emerging as a beautiful butterfly.  Don’t we all go through different stages of life to transform?  Don’t we all have the potential like the pupa to evolve into a butterfly that allows our inner beauty and light to shine through?  

Can you feel the ripples?

I am constantly working on up-leveling my health - physical, emotional, mental and energy wise - because it is my responsibility to have a vibrant health so that I can have a joyful and purposeful life.  I am not always right and I don’t claim to be an expert.  However; I have come a long way to fully embrace my flaws and beauty to find joy. 

I want to be fully alive in all dimensions of life.  It is my sheer self-respect that empowers me to change, to take action, to follow through, to live responsively and responsibly.  I simply want to share my experience, knowledge, insights and wisdom that comes with age 🙂 with those who resonate with me.

I am truly passionate about what I do.  I believe all of us have the potential to be healthy, joyful and responsible. If we share what we know and learn from each other, we can co-create a supportive community with the like-minded people who want to look good, feel great and be joyful.

If we do this, we will live a happier life and happy people attract those who want to be happy.  Happy people who live responsibly will help raise human consciousness.

The community dynamic has proven to be seven times more powerful than a solo effort in making changes. If this contagious ripple effect is continuous, imagine how our lives may change being surrounded by responsible people living a conscious life.  

[Incidentally, I learned after I designed my logo that Butterfly Effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects.  How appropriate!]

Are you evolving?  Care to join me for a ride?