You’re an awesome wellness professional who delivers results to your clients, you love helping people because you know deep down inside it’s your calling…

and the degree of your success depends FIRST on how well you are able to get people invest into what you have to offer.

If you couldn't get people to sign up for your program, your light as a light warrior will start to dim, you will suffer from self-defeat, powerlessness, loss of faith and you will struggle to find the “best” sales techniques and continue to have restless sleep.

This makes your life a living hell because the work that you thought is helpful to people is not creating the intended results and therefore not having the impact you wished for. 

Impact and income goes hand in hand, no impact means no income and this vicious cycle will only perpetuate until you figure out how to enroll people into your offerings. 

The stress of not being able to produce the right income will further jeopardize your health, your relationships with loved ones and force you to switch to jobs you aren’t passionate about. 

Not being aligned with what you are meant to do in life will only lead to more resentment, self-sabotage and a mediocre life. 

Lack of congruency is NOT how you want to live a meaningful life and be a role model to your children!

I can help.

Most sales programs out there by the experts or renowned gurus help to some degree with the pushy and aggressive sales tactics, you learn the scripts and fake it till you make it, but they don't feel aligned with who you are.

You don't need the latest tricks and tips or the most comprehensive information to cope with your enrollment draught, these are all fine and dandy if you want to have a short-lived results or simply to feel "knowledgeable".

You know you're not about information hoarding, you want the real solution that enables you to have meaningful sessions with your prospects and enroll them to your programs with ease and excitement.

Your new way of enrollment will transform your wellness business and further aligned you with your higher purpose.

Enroll With Joy is different.

I help wellness coaches fall in love with their work even more, they'd enjoy every conversation with a prospective client and feel deeply rewarded with each and every enrollment. 

The sense of fulfillment will fuel their desire to serve more people, the more people they serve, the bigger impact there is and the higher income they achieve.  The freedom of lifestyle and time will enable them to live a healthy, fulfilled and meaningful life on purpose!

Hire me for private coaching or as enrollment coach for your company.

AND if you're ready to make a change, click here to fill out the form and I'll get in touch to arrange a complimentary session with me to unleash your true potential!